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Corporate Compliance

The Companies Act is a legal framework that regulates the formation, management, and operations of companies in India. Compliance with the Companies Act is mandatory for all companies, whether they are public or private, large or small. Companies Act compliances refer to the legal and regulatory requirements that companies must comply with under this legislation.

Some of the key Companies Act compliances that companies need to adhere to include:

a) Annual General Meeting (AGM)
b) Board Meetings
c) Filing of Annual Returns
d) Filing of Financial Statements
e) Appointment of Auditor
f) Maintenance of Statutory Registers
g) Compliance with Other Provisions

Overall, Companies Act compliances are critical for companies to maintain legal and regulatory compliance, avoid penalties and fines, and protect their reputation and brand. It is essential for companies to stay updated with the latest changes in the Companies Act and ensure that they comply with all applicable requirements. At ADGS we provide overall corporate compliances services.


CA Charted Accountant


CA Charted Accountant